1. * 23rd REVES meeting
    - Are sex differences in health expectancy a social issue?


    25 mai 2011 - 27 mai 2011 à Paris (France). Signalé par AED-BDSP le 23/03/2011


    Réseau Espérance de vie en santé (REVES)

    For the last ten years social epidemiology has shown that physical and mental health builds itself up and can evolve positively or negatively along life trajectories. Living conditions (as early as childhood), behaviours and exposures in living and working environments, social support and life events influence positive/negative health conditions which are very differentiated by sex. They also condition the resources which enable one to take care of one’s health, and with which one buffers health problems. Under social norms, life trajectories and key events punctuating them have an impact on health. They are not conceived, perceived or lived identically by men and women. We can therefore consider that gender is explicitly regarded as a social health determinant, suggesting the study of links between women’s health and their social role, their position within the family and in the labour market. The caring role “assigned” to women for themselves and their family has been widely studied in the social science. These studies have shown how this role, even if it increases women health skills, can, generate material, social, physical and mental fragility. In the field of health, research based on survey data show striking differences between men and women in most health indicators and the risk of dying. These assessments reinforced by work in social epidemiology and social sciences invite us to deepen studies on health differences through the lens of gender. Using this perspective and in order to open new research avenues, we would like to devote part of this meeting to studying gender effects on healthy life expectancy. The objective of this will be to gather research on the disability process and health expectancies among men and women to increase understanding on the role of sex/gender differences and to answer the following question: “are sex differences in health expectancy a social issue?"



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    Langue : Anglais,

    Lieu : Cité Universitaire Internationale, Paris.

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