1. Webinar
    - Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Oncology and Beyond


    14 novembre 2017 à Online (INT). Signalé par AED-BDSP le 07/11/2017


    The New York Academy of Sciences (Nyas)

    Antibody–Drug Conjugates (ADCs) combine the selectivity of antibodies with the efficacy of small molecule drugs, allowing for more precise therapeutic approaches. This symposium will explore the opportunities and challenges of ADCs for cancer, and the need to resolve these open questions in order to fulfill the larger promise of this technology. We will also consider use of ADCs beyond cancer into other disease indications including autoimmune disease, difficult-to-treat bacterial infections, and atherosclerosis.


    Cancers, Médicament.

    Informations pratiques

    Langue : Anglais,

    Lieu : Online.

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