1. SAHM 2018 Annual Meeting
    - Global Adolescent Health Equity (SAHM)


    14 mars 2018 - 17 mars 2018 à Seattle, WA (Etats-Unis). Signalé par AED-BDSP le 05/10/2017


    Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine

    Too many adolescents and young adults throughout our world encounter great challenges in attaining health, safety, well-being, and their full human potential. What existing structures within and between countries contribute to these challenges? How can we positively change and create new structures that result in respect, dignity, and equity for all? In this meeting, diverse multidisciplinary adolescent health professionals from throughout the world will assemble to share, discuss, critique, and generate strategies that ensure that all young people have full and equal access to opportunities that enable them to achieve healthy, productive, and meaningful lives.



    Informations pratiques

    Langue : Anglais,

    Lieu : Westin Seattle, Seattle, WA.