1. 2nd International Scientific Symposium on Healthy Ageing


    13 décembre 2017 - 14 décembre 2017 à Lille - 59 (France). Signalé par AED-BDSP le 24/08/2017


    Institut Pasteur de Lille



    In the near future, the extension of the lifespan will be one of the major challenges facing our societies. It concerns not only the Western countries but also the entire world where life expectancy is increasing very rapidly. This is therefore a major public health issue, but also socio-economic, political and human issues. Major civilization diseases, including disability will have to be increasingly taken into consideration.

    The Institut Pasteur de Lille, with its partners, decided to muster its forces around a Research Center on healthy ageing, the first one in France. Using a multidisciplinary approach, from genetics to public health, the overall objective is to identify risk factors for diseases associated with aging (Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic diseases, cancer and infectious diseases which remain a leading cause of death after 65 years). Early prevention of the diseases related to age, before the onset of clinical symptoms, can significantly improve the quality of life and delay age-related disabilities.

    In this context, international experts invited to this congress will review several major topics:

    • Immunosenescence
    • Immunity and neurodegenerative diseases
    • Microbiota and ageing
    • Inflammation and ageing
    • Prevention and therapy of age-related diseases

    Patrick Berche,

    General Director of Institut Pasteur de Lille


    Vieillissement, Recherche.

    Informations pratiques

    Langue : Anglais,

    Lieu : Institut Pasteur de Lille
    1 rue du Prof. Calmette, Lille - 59.

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