1. 17th ESHMS Biennial Congress.
    - Old Tensions, Emerging Paradoxes in Health: rights, knowledge, and trust


    7 juin 2018 - 8 juin 2018 à Lisboa / Lisbon (Portugal). Signalé par AED-BDSP le 03/05/2017


    European Society for Health and Medical Sociology - ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa


    • Social inequalities in health, disease and death
    • Effects of social movements on health
    • Adaptation of work models to specific conditions and needs
    • Living and experiencing illness in contexts of crises (e.g. economic, environmental, humanitarian)
    • Users’ experience in accessing healthcare
    • Interactions between practitioners-patients, practitioners-practitioners and practitioners-regulators
    • Features of trust in expert health knowledge
    • The creation and overcome of scientific boundaries in health
    • Measuring and putting in practice evidence-based procedures
    • Lay knowledge and use of evidence-based procedures in health
    • Combining different forms of evidence in health
    • Effects of the market on the provision of care and research agendas
    • Effects of accountability on professionals’ practice and patients’ decisions
    • Ethical dilemmas in health (e.g. death and birth)
    • Climate change and health
    • Social uses of health technologies


    Santé publique - généralités.

    Informations pratiques

    Langue : Anglais,

    Lieu : ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL) , Lisboa / Lisbon.

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